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What are the kitchen upgrades that increase home value?

Undertaking a kitchen remodel offers a few desirable payoffs. You can add monetary value whilst also improving functionality and boosting an emotional connection to your home – all easily achieved with a kitchen makeover. Much of this value depends on what improvements you make to your kitchen and who you choose to help you with your home improvement project. It is always the smarter choice to hire an expert kitchen remodels in Phoenix, AZ to benefit from professional quality results.

Aiming for styling, functionality and modernity will go a long way towards ensuring you have no regrets about venturing into the realm of kitchen remodeling. Get the styling wrong or leave out an essential way to add value to your kitchen remodel and all you’ve done is thrown money into a poorly-executed project.

The idea of any kitchen remodel is to target the best possible returns on investment. But how is this achieved? To start with, it pays to make a wise choice in the changes you make to your kitchen.

Many of the features a potential home buyer looks for are in the kitchen. What are the kitchen features that are worth paying for?

7 Best kitchen upgrades to add value to your home

Based on our extensive experience in the home renovation and remodeling business, we have found that by implementing these seven types of kitchen upgrades, you can significantly increase your home value.

1.     Install a kitchen island

Adding a kitchen island to your kitchen remodel ticks two main boxes that make this a great investment – more counter and storage space. Besides that, in terms of look and feel, kitchen islands help a space look bigger than it is.

2.     Light up your kitchen

One of the factors that can make or break the look of a kitchen is lighting. Adequate lighting sets the mood and tone. The right lighting solutions add aesthetic and functional value; easily creating a warm and inviting room as well as ensuring ease of visibility for a safe and purposeful space.

3.     Fit energy-efficient appliances and fixtures

Consumers have caught on to two concepts –energy efficiency and earth-friendliness – that have influenced their purchasing decisions. Insights from HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights for Summer 2022 survey reveals that 48% of real estate agents say that a top priority in a home buyer’s search is energy efficiency.

In upgrading your appliances to more energy-wise models, you add value by saving money in the long run. If you are planning to sell your home, then choosing the very best in modern appliances is more than likely to attract the interest of potential buyers.

4.     Refresh cabinetry

A star feature in any kitchen design is the cabinets. The structural foundation of a kitchen design is usually formed around the cabinets. Modern-day kitchen cabinets have a few roles to play. They need to provide sufficient storage space to help a kitchen look organized, improve efficiency in a highly-functional space and are used to transform the visual appeal of the kitchen.

It is for all these roles that cabinetry is considered a major part of any kitchen remodel. You can choose to replace your entire cabinet design for more storage capacity or simply repaint and repair your existing cabinets if all they need is a bit of TLC.

5.     Choose durable and stylish countertops

A strong case can be made for the countertop being king of the kitchen especially considering the myriad functions the countertop is called on to perform: storage space and food prep, plating, serving, resting hot pots and pans are some of its core functions but the countertop is also often used for other purposes such as dining, entertaining and being the designated work surface area for homework and arts and crafts activities.

Redoing countertops can also be a cost-effective option that improves the overall look of your kitchen. The choice in countertop material is critical as it needs to tie in with the aesthetics of your kitchen. In addition to this, material choice ideally needs to be maintenance-friendly, stain and heat resistant and scratch-free. Working with a specialist in kitchen remodels can help you identify the right countertop material choice that fits in perfectly with your preferences and lifestyle needs.

6. Update fixtures

Another area in a kitchen remodel that can benefit from technology is the fixtures. Updated fixtures can be an instant boost in value and function. It is surprising how an integrated sprayer at the kitchen sink or a hands-free faucet or even multi-function electrical outlets can improve the usability factor of your kitchen and make your life all the more easier.

7. Flooring

As the kitchen is the focal point for a prospective home buyer, it is important to consider all aspects of its remodel; including the surface area underfoot. If you are unsure of which flooring solution would add the most value, consulting with an expert in kitchen remodels can point the way to those solutions that are currently in demand.

Working with a specialist kitchen remodeling company will help you find new ways to achieve the level of style and function you desire; ways you had not considered. As experts in the industry, they will know best what works and what doesn’t on how to meet your objectives.

Why choose AZ Neighbor for your kitchen upgrades?

Whether you are looking to sell your home or continue to live in it, a kitchen remodel can add value to your quality of life. At AZ Neighbor we keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trendsetting ideas and innovations in distinctive and dynamic kitchen designs. When you need to spruce up your kitchen, or make your Arizona home renovated, please be sure to call AZ Neighbor and come in for your free kitchen makeover consultation. 

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