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New Kitchen Cabinets

Every great kitchen design begins with layout. A good layout will compliment a party in the ways both food and conversation ebb and flow. The layout can also help minimize organizational challenges and lends itself to navigational ease when cooking or entertaining. This is the crucial first design decision when rethinking a kitchen.

One of the best ways to alter the layout to fit your needs is cabinets. The cabinets you choose can greatly impact the flow and usability of your kitchen. There are many options for cabinet layouts and inserts to fit your lifestyle. For example, for the cooking enthusiast, there are inserts for spices, baking and cookie sheets, utensils and a mixer stand. These inserts will help organize the items that are used on a regular basis. For coffee enthusiasts, there are k-cup inserts as well as drawer organizers to keep all the necessary coffee items at hand.

When deciding on a cabinet line, keep in mind the manufacturing specifications of the individual cabinet lines. There is a great price range for cabinets. Much of this depends on the type of wood used for the cabinets which will be discussed in the next section. However, the pricing may also be determined by the construction of the cabinet doors/drawers and face frames. Doors and drawers can be a solid wood piece with the decorative moldings routed or can be pieced together in rails, stiles and raised or recessed panels. Drawers are also able to be manufactured in different ways. One way is jointed drawer sides pin-nailed together. The other option is “dove-tailed” and glued drawer sides. Both options will hold up with normal wear and tear, however the dove-tailed option provides a moderately more secure hold.

Installing New Cabinets

When the cabinets are installed, self-closing and restricted hinges are an option. This keeps cabinet doors and drawers from being slammed shut and opened into another cabinet or wall. Self-closing hinges have become more standard with today’s cabinet manufacturers.

After the cabinet layout and inserts have been decided, the particular design style is to be determined. Because cabinets come in a variety of wood species and colors as well as door styles, any particular look for design can be achieved. Deciding on wood species stain grade cabinets will allow the natural beauty of the wood to be seen. Different wood species have distinctive graining and coloring. This will need to be addressed and identified when using stain as the finish for the cabinets. Some stains will allow for the graining to be visible and others will hide the graining. If paint grade cabinets are chosen, there is less instance of a possible grain visible. Paint is able to cover more consistently and hides graining of particular wood species.

The final step in selecting cabinets is deciding on cabinet hardware. There are two common practices for installing hardware on cabinets. The first is knobs on doors and pulls on drawers. The second practice is pulls on drawers and doors. When choosing pulls for the drawers and doors, it is acceptable to do the same size for all or to match hardware sizing to door and drawer sizes. Hardware is available in a variety of finishes that will act as the finishing touch for your cabinetry.


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