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Are solid wood cabinets worth the money?

Let’s face it: planning a kitchen remodel involves juggling many serious considerations. A common dilemma faced by many homeowners revolves around what to prioritize – cost or quality?

Like with many important decisions, the final say in a home improvement project rests on the budget. After all, while your imagination may run free, the money allocated to your project is constrained by concrete facts and numbers.

Kitchen cabinets constitute the focal point of a kitchen’s design. They are not just strongboxes with lids, doors and shelves that provide a functional use, but a vital component of your kitchen’s design that creates an atmosphere and a feel for this central piece of your home.

But appearances are not the sole expectation that a new or renewed kitchen cabinet should deliver. Your new cabinets will have to stand the test of time. And for this you will need cabinets manufactured from solid wood.

Why should you choose solid wood cabinets?

We can conclude that it is a myth that wood kitchen cabinets are obsolete. Instead, wood is once again a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. People are becoming aware of the value they offer in comparison to the money invested, so they are becoming increasingly popular.

The key question here is – is solid wood worth the money?

There are many strong selling points when it comes to all-wood kitchen furniture. Here are some compelling reasons in favor of solid wood kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of solid wood kitchen cabinets

All wood kitchen cabinets offer numerous advantages that make them a popular choice among homeowners. With their long-lasting quality and timeless appeal, all wood kitchen cabinets prove to be a valuable investment for both functionality and esthetics. Based on our experience with previous kitchen cabinet remodeling projects, we can attest that solid wood kitchen cabinets offer excellent value for money. Here are a few compelling reasons why investing in all-wood cabinets pays off in the long run:

Natural strength of solid wood

Among the attributes of solid wood are its undeniable strength and durability which are convincing arguments for investing in this type of kitchen cabinetry. Not all different wood species deliver the same results in terms of strength or durability, so due diligence in this respect will pay off if this is a top priority for you.

Esthetic appeal

Natural features in wood such as the varied eye-catching grain patterns and unique warm hues add to its allure and contribute to a luxurious feeling. If you are aiming for sophistication in your new kitchen, then an all-wood kitchen cabinetry is a fitting choice.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

As a natural material, real wood is an obvious choice for any homeowner wanting an eco-friendly kitchen.

Unmatched value

All-wood kitchen cabinets can last a lifetime, which makes them a great value-for-money option. Furthermore, an all-wood cabinetry offers a unique selling point as its high-end finishes can often boost a home’s resale value. As solid wood appeals to both traditional and trendy choices, many potential homebuyers will be impressed by the appearance of wood.

Highly customizable

Wood makes it so easy to put your stamp on any kitchen design. It is an uber-friendly material to personalize the look of your kitchen according to your particular preferences. There are plenty of wood species to work with, and homeowners have absolute freedom to design the kitchen cabinetry from shape to finish. When it comes to selecting the best wood for kitchen cabinets, it’s crucial to consider both functionality and style.

Of course, the long-lasting value of your all-wood kitchen cabinets will depend on how you protect it. Here are a few suggestions on how to protect the longevity of your wood cabinets and your investment in them.

How to protect the investment in your wood kitchen cabinets?

To safeguard your investment in wood kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to take proper measures for their protection:

Keep cabinets free of water and moisture

While cleaning your cabinets regularly is essential, you should only use a damp cloth with a mild detergent solution. Water and moisture are major threats that ruin the look of wood cabinetry. Always make sure dishes are completely dry before putting them away; another useful tip to protect cabinets from moisture is to add an inside lining.

Protect against sun damage

Exposure to sunlight is another factor that can damage wood cabinetry, causing discoloration and fading. Everyone loves a naturally bright kitchen, but it may be in the best interests of your wood cabinets to consider window coverings to keep out the sun on particularly bright days.

Apply wood furniture wax

It pays to take the time to wax your cabinets at least twice a year. Furniture wax adds a protective layer to the wood to prevent the build-up of grime and oil from sticking to the wood.

Ready for your new all-wood cabinets?

Why choose AZ Neighbor for new cabinets?

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