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Why Do Homes in Arizona Have Tile Floors?

In this article, we will provide you with an overview of why tile floors are one of the most popular options for Arizona homes, considering the arid climate. We will also explain why you should use them and how to maximize their benefits.

The benefits of tile flooring for dry Arizona climate

There are numerous reasons why tile flooring is a perfect match for the arid Arizona climate, characterized by scorching heat and low humidity. Not only does tile flooring help keep the house cooler compared to other flooring alternatives, but it also excels in terms of durability, low-maintenance requirements, and offers a wide range of options to align with your home style preferences. Let’s delve into these benefits in more detail:

Tile Floors are Durable

Arizona’s climate, characterized by scorching heat and extreme weather fluctuations resulting from intense storms, compels Arizona homeowners to seek the most durable flooring options that are heat-resistant and can withstand other weather extremes, including wind and insects. Tiles meet these criteria as they are waterproof, capable of enduring temperature extremes, and can remain undamaged for 15–20 years.

Keeping the home cool

Carpets are a rare sight in Arizona homes due to their heat-absorbing properties, making them an unpopular choice for flooring. Tiles, on the other hand, are an ideal flooring option, especially if you prefer walking barefoot during the scorching summer heat. They do not contribute to raising the temperature of your home and, in fact, can even help it feel slightly cooler.

Low-maintenance and easy to clean

Low maintenance flooring is one of the most desirable characteristics, especially during extreme weather conditions like dust storms. Tiles can be easily swept and cleaned without sustaining damage. They demand minimal to no maintenance and do not require polishing. A quick dusting or mopping is sufficient during the dry summer months. Furthermore, tile flooring does not absorb dust and dirt as some other flooring alternatives, such as carpets, do.

Stylish and versatile

Arizona tiles can truly enhance your home’s style, offering a wide range of stylish options that combine various unique styles. Tiles no longer come solely in dull colors as they did in the past; now, you can choose from numerous attractive and modern patterns to infuse your home with vibrancy and a contemporary feel. The fusion of Mexican influences with Italian ceramic aesthetics makes tile floors in Arizona very chick.

Do tile floors keep the house cooler? 

Yes, tiles can help maintain a cooler indoor environment. Because they can withstand high temperatures, even when it’s scorching outside, the inside of the house remains comfortable and notably cooler. Additionally, tiles contribute to the comfort and cooling of your feet during intense heat, making them a great way to cool your body overall. Therefore, we recommend considering tiling your living room and kitchen, as you’ll likely spend the majority of your time in these areas.

A brief history of tile trends in Arizona

Tile flooring in Arizona has seen substantial changes over the years. In the 1980s, ceramic tiles gained popularity, surpassing linoleum and carpeting. Later, stone-mimicking tiles emerged for a more natural look, with tile sizes expanding from 8 inches square to 12 or 16 inches square. Moving into the 2000s, travertine flooring and hardwood options became prevalent. In the past decade, tiles grew larger, up to 24 inches square, and porcelain gained popularity for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Which types of tiles are most popular in Arizona homes?

The tile flooring market in Phoenix is well-developed, providing a wide array of tile options to choose from. We have identified the following tile options as the most popular in Arizona homes:

  • Ceramic tiles – They are known for their durability and resistance to moisture, making them an ideal choice for Arizona’s dry climate. Additionally, ceramic tiles are easy to clean, and come in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to experiment with various styles. They are also cost-effective, so they are an affordable and practical solution for many. 
  • Travertine tiles – Travertine tiles provide a natural look that complements Arizona’s landscape. They are popular due to their high heat resistance, ensuring comfort during hot summers. Their durability and ability to withstand temperature fluctuations make them a favored tiling option in Arizona, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Granite tiles – Granite tiles are highly popular because of their stunning appearance and exceptional durability. They are heat-resistant and can handle heavy foot traffic, which makes them a fantastic choice for both kitchen and bathroom spaces. Their natural patterns and colors can create a sophisticated look in any home.
  • Sandstone tiles – Sandstone tiles provide unique textures and earthy tones that perfectly blends with Arizona’s desert landscape. They are a preferred option for outdoor spaces like patios due to their slip-resistant properties. Sandstone tiles are also heat-resistant and can withstand the harsh Arizona sun. 
  • Marble tiles – Marble tiles are renowned for their timeless elegance. Although they may demand more maintenance than alternative tile options, they remain a favorite choice for homeowners aiming to achieve a high-end and luxurious appearance, particularly in bathrooms and living areas where their beauty shines prominently.

How much do tile floors cost in Arizona?

Tile flooring costs in Arizona can fluctuate depending on factors like tile type of tiles, area size, and labor expenses. Common tile types have the following average costs:

  • ceramic tile: $13.50-$30/sq ft, 
  • porcelain tile: $15-$40/sq ft, 
  • natural stone tile: $20-$83/sq ft. 

Tile floor installation cost range from $4 to $11 per square foot. To get an accurate estimate, and secure the best price, it’s advisable to obtain quotes from multiple contractors.

How to clean tile floors?

Tile floors are easy to clean, with some options only needing dusting or mopping. For a thorough cleaning, begin by eliminating loose dirt using a broom or vacuum. Next, mix mild detergent or specialized tile cleaner with warm water and mop the floor. Rinse with clean water and dry to achieve spotlessly clean tiles. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule will preserve the tile’s appearance and durability.

Explore budget-friendly tile flooring solutions, uniquely yours

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