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What Is Bathroom Remodeling?

If you’re dreaming of a bathroom transformation, but you’re not sure what it entails and what are the different types of a bathroom remodel, we’re here to help you grasp the different aspects of a bathroom remodel.

The Growing Trend of Bathroom Remodeling

For many of us, the bathroom has come to signify a very special and personal space – a sanctuary of sorts. We let go of the strains and stresses of the day to the bubbles in a relaxing bath or refreshing shower. And the bathroom is the only room in the house that we expect to have all to ourselves. That speaks to the necessity of a bathroom remodel.

The bathroom is second only to the kitchen as the most important room in the house. In a report published by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), it was found that homeowners in the U.S. remodel upwards of 14.2 million bathrooms each year.

What Does a Bathroom Remodel Consist of?

The bathroom remodel involves making changes to the design, style, or layout (or all) to enhance the functionality and value of the space. The main difference between a bathroom remodel and renovations lies in the fact that, in a bathroom renovation, the main focus is on replacing broken or worn-out elements, while a bathroom remodel entails bigger, larger-scale improvements.

Speaking about bathroom remodels, we can differentiate between cosmetic and functional bathroom remodels, which are equally popular among our clients.

  • Cosmetic bathroom remodel

Cosmetic bathroom remodeling goals focus on enhancing aesthetics by removing, replacing and adding new features. Ways to improve cosmetic value include: changing cabinetry, flooring, toilet and wall fixtures, repainting walls a different color, adding a mirror, countertop or additional storage and updating switches.

  • Functional bathroom remodel

Functional bathroom remodeling changes look to ways of improving the function of a space and often refer to changes to layout and style. Examples of style and layout changes include: installing a walk-in shower or an oversized bathtub, adding a second sink, and installing a skylight or recess lights.

Of course, for a bathroom to be a haven of happiness, getting its form and function right is vital to improving the quality of your life. For professional insight on how to achieve the look and feel of your new bathroom, a consultation with an experienced and highly rated bathroom remodel professionals is the first step.

What Are the Major Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel?

The following are some top benefits of a bathroom remodel:

  • Improved usability

A bathroom that is cramped with very little storage can be frustrating to use. A bathroom remodel is the opportunity to turn a bathroom that is not working for you into an inviting space that meets your exact needs.  Maximize space potential with a streamlined layout.

  • Lower utility costs

Consumers in Phoenix, AZ spend on average $186 per month on electricity, according to energysage.com, and $41.69 on water according to the City of Phoenix.  Changes made in the bathroom, like water-saving faucets and shower heads and energy-efficient lighting, can be more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Aesthetics

A bathroom with a fresh look, that is organized and neat can be a joy to be in and should not be a factor to be overlooked when considering value and function. Focusing on the aesthetics of a bathroom is just the ticket to showcasing your personal style.

  • Increase the overall value of your home

 One of the ways to raise the market value of a home is to update highly functional spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen. According to Zillow, bathroom remodels yield the biggest returns when it comes to maximizing the potential resale value of a home. Homeowners receive a $1.71 increase in property value for every $1 spent on changes.

Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

It is easy to tell if your bathroom needs a makeover or not. Simply ask yourself how you feel when you are in your bathroom. Is it a space you enjoy being in or do you dread entering your bathroom?

The following tell-tale signs indicate your bathroom requires some tender-loving care:

  • Poor lighting

A dark and gloomy bathroom does little to raise sagging spirits or help you look your best when getting ready for the day ahead.

  • Broken and damaged fixtures

Over time, wear and tear can take its toll on a bathroom. Broken tiles, damaged fixtures and cracks in the tub are not only unsightly but can be potentially dangerous too.

  • Leaks and molds

Leaky pipes and faucets are a drain on the pocket. Utility costs can skyrocket and valuable water can be wasted. Signs of mold and mildew need to be urgently addressed as these pose serious threats to human health.

  • Poor functionality

When a bathroom’s design lacks functionality, this can be more of a source of stress than stress relief. An experienced company specializing in bathroom remodels can suggest viable solutions that will help you make the most out of your bathroom.

Since our previous remodeling projects have shown that the duration of a bathroom remodel can vary greatly due to numerous factors that affect it, we advise you to start planning in advance.

Why Choose AZ Neighbor for Your Bathroom Remodel?

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