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What countertops are most popular for 2022?

In a kitchen remodel the choice of countertop is no minor decision. After all, it is the countertop that is the workhorse of any kitchen. Many homeowners may make cabinetry the focal point when remodeling their kitchens but the choice of countertop is arguably more important. It is the countertop that has to deliver durability, everyday practicality as well as show-stopping style. Make sure to find a reputable company that specializes in countertops remodels and installation in Phoenix, AZ for a designer-like feel to your new kitchen.

The importance of countertops for kitchen esthetics

The countertop carries the heaviest load of all kitchen furniture. Think for a moment about all the different uses it is usually assigned: from food prep area, plating food, storage space for appliances, dining and entertaining space to the dedicated work area for homework and arts and crafts.

Your choice in counter surface material will not only have a significant impact on the look of your kitchen but also on the value you derive from your kitchen. As the center stage, you want the countertop to create an aesthetically stunning look to command the attention of all who walk into it.  But you also need the surface material to be practical, offer a long shelf-life and require stress-free maintenance.

Therefore, the question “which type of countertop do I choose?” is the single most important question to ask yourself when remodeling your kitchen.

What to consider when choosing countertops?

In recent times, more choices in countertop surface materials have been added to the mix to make choosing the perfect type for your home a head-scratching conundrum. The face of today’s kitchen countertops feature materials such as natural wood, composite, laminate, porcelain, concrete, quartz and stone; each with its own unique set of drawbacks and plus points. 

Do you love the elegance and warmth embodied by wood or the sophistication and sparkle suffused in stone? Here are essential factors to consider when deciding on which countertop material to choose for your kitchen remodel.

  • Purpose

How much traffic will your countertop have to endure? Factor in what you will be using the countertop for when selecting countertop material. Will you use the countertop just for food prep or as a general workspace area too?

  • Maintenance

Do not forget to factor in maintenance needs. Maintenance of countertop surface material is important as this bears relevance to the demands of your lifestyle. Some surface materials will need extra care to keep them looking good for years to come. 

  • Aesthetics

The visual appeal of the countertop surface material is another box that every well-designed kitchen must tick. The surface material must tie in with the overall look and feel of your dream kitchen.

Most popular countertop trends 2022

Which kitchen countertop surface materials are in style in 2022? Our clients tend to choose the following materials for countertops the most:

  • Quartz

According to the Kitchen Countertop Trends 2022 Report, 73% of interior designers surveyed noted that quartz remains a popular choice in countertops for homeowners. This countertop material, made up of 90% natural stone, is appreciated for its hard-wearing nature, durability and resistance to stains and scratches. Also, since quartz is a cost-effective material, it’s easier to redo your kitchen cabinets on a budget with it.

  • Quartzite

Not to be mistaken for quartz, quartzite is 100% real stone which is highly prized for its natural beauty. Despite needing to be sealed regularly and not as impervious to staining as quartz, quartzite comes top on the list of popular countertop materials.

  • Granite

Another trendy choice for modern kitchens is granite. Granite is a great choice for homeowners who favor a low-maintenance option, as granite is durable and long-lasting. 

  • Marble

One countertop material choice that is said to add value to a home is marble. The plus points of marble include uniqueness, resistance to heat, and it is generally long-lasting if cared for properly. However, even though marble is a popular luxury stone choice, we generally will not recommend it for kitchens as it does stain more easily and is a soft material that can scratch.

  • Concrete

Concrete may come as a surprise, but there are plenty of reasons why this can be a suitable choice for many kitchens. Concrete is desirable because it is a highly customizable material and it is readily incorporated into a plethora of styles and color options. Yet maintenance of this material can pose a problem and a sealer is necessary. Cost may be an inhibiting factor as well as it is much more expensive than the purchase, fabrication and installation of stone countertops.

Why choose AZ Neighbor for your contertops remodeling?

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