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How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

At AZ Neighbor, we have carried out numerous bathroom redesign and renovation projects for our clients. And one of the first questions we are asked is – ‘How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?’ 

We appreciate the fact that you want the project completed in the minimum time possible; after all, you are invested emotionally in the results of the remodel. Not only that, but as one of the most functional rooms in a house, you will want your fabulous new bathroom up and free to use in the quickest time possible.

But there is no one standard answer to this question.

The length of time it takes to complete a bathroom remodel varies from one project to another.  There are many factors that influence the time it will take from the start of day one of the demo process to the last day when we are putting the finishing touches in your new bathroom in place.

Don’t be fooled by how quick home improvement reality shows make it seem. The manpower working behind the scenes on these shows is massive, certainly out of reach of the residential setting.

Factors that Influence the length of bathroom remodel

In the world of home improvement, it is more the rule than the exception for there to be unplanned circumstances getting in the way of a project deadline: delays in delivering special-order goods or materials are out of stock, workers get sick and structural problems routinely crop up unexpectedly. 

Based on our previous bathroom remodeling projects, we have identified the following common factors that determine how much time your bathroom remodel will take:

  • Go the DIY route or hire a bathroom remodel contractor?

The best way to avoid the DIY delays is to hire a master contractor who is very experienced in bathroom remodels. A professional contractor will be very accustomed to dealing with such issues. In taking on the job yourself, you will have to decide the amount of time available you have to squeeze in a few hours after work or on the weekend to work on your bathroom.  And inevitably, you will always more trips to the hardware store than you planned.

  • Bathroom dimensions

It is only logical that a smaller-sized bathroom remodel will have a faster turnaround time. A bathroom with bigger dimensions means larger areas to tile or paint.

  • Time of year

While bathroom remodels are carried out on the inside of a home, the season in which the work is done can influence the duration of the project. Also, starting out a model in or around holidays like Christmas or New Year can also impact how long a bathroom remodel can take.

  • Number of workers used

It goes without saying that the more hands available to work on a project, the quicker the work gets done. But this can work to the contrary too particularly in regards to small work spaces. A small bathroom that cannot accommodate too many workers in it at any one time may only allow for two or three workers, which means the project duration will probably stretch out.

Tips to save time on a bathroom remodel

While some factors that can delay the time it takes to remodel a bathroom remain out of your control, there are some steps to take that can minimize delays. The following tips are useful in speeding up a bathroom remodel:

  • Ensure payments are made on time so suppliers can be paid.
  • Contractors often require you to approve certain decisions, so it helps keep things moving when you are readily available to take calls or reply to messages or emails.
  • Be 100 percent sure of the new bathroom design before work begins. Any changes you make once work has begun will delay the completion date.

Why choose AZ Neighbor for your bathroom remodel?

AZ Neighbor is your go-to full-service Phoenix general contractor for all your bathroom remodel needs. As a contractor concerned about meeting our customers’ expectations, we make it a point to fully understand your needs. We rely on only the best quality materials and first-class workmanship to provide you with superior quality work you and the dream home you deserve.  If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today to start planning and to get your free remodel quote

Kristen Ongstad
Kristen Ongstad

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