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Bathroom remodel vs renovation – what is the difference?

Is there a difference between a bathroom remodel and renovation and does knowing the difference REALLY matter? Seeing that both concepts refer to making physical improvements to the bathroom to enhance its value, it may not seem a big deal to make a distinction between the two. But knowing the key differences that separate the two seemingly interchangeable terms will help you provide clear direction for the company that specializes in bathroom remodels in Phoenix, AZ  you have chosen to partner with to ensure you gain maximum value out of your investment.

Key differences between bathroom remodel and renovation

What are some clear differences between bathroom remodels and renovation projects? Speaking from our professional experience, the most significant difference between a remodel and a renovation refers to the scope of the changes to be made. Is your goal to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom or its structure and function? The answers to these questions will determine the scope of the bathroom improvement project you choose.

What does bathroom renovation entail?

The aim of a renovation is to make pointed changes to the look and feel of the bathroom. You may choose to restore or replace worn-out cabinets, chipped bathtubs, cracked mirrors and broken tiles. You may decide on a new color scheme to ‘freshen up’ a tired-looking space or change the fixtures for a more modernized look.

Examples of common renovation projects includes: upgrading fixtures to include premium features such as a rainfall showerhead, repainting or tiling walls and replacing flooring and updating light fixtures. These updates may be on the small scale but can add immense value to your home. Permits are not usually required to carry out a renovation.

What does bathroom remodel entail?

Remodel is devoted to large-scale bathroom improvements. Usually, it relates to the changes made to the structure, layout or the use of space. A remodel can mean the total transformation of a space rather than mere simple updates. If you want to increase the size of a bathroom or make major changes to the layout such as moving the location of the toilet or shower, you would do well to consult an experienced remodeling contractor.

Examples of common remodel projects include removing or extending walls, adding a window to improve natural light or ventilation, and reconfiguring the wiring or updating the plumbing. Depending on what exactly is done during a remodel, a permit may be required to make the changes.

What to consider when choosing between a remodel or renovation

Choosing between a remodel and renovation may seem like a daunting prospect but the choice will ultimately depend on your goals and budget.

  • What is your end goal?

Does your heart sink at the sight of a bathroom worn down by wear and tear? A few aesthetic changes would be just the thing to inject a bit of glamor and order to your bathroom.

Or, are you fed up with being frustrated by the limitations of your bathroom?  The location of the shower does not suit your purpose and you also want to install a whirlpool bath. A remodel may be necessary when your lifestyle needs change.

If you want to increase the potential resale value of your home, a few minor updates can yield a great return on investment. If you love your home and don’t intend on moving but need to improve the functional value of your home, a remodel may be your best option.

  • What are your budget constraints?

Due to the extensive changes made during a remodel, these projects typically require larger budgets. Also, remodeling projects almost always require the expertise of professionals. Yet the experienced DIY-er may be able to tackle most bathroom renovation ideas.

  • How much time do you have available?

It is important to factor in the length of time a home improvement project will take. It goes without saying that no renovation or remodel is without its share of stress and you will want minimum disruption to your lifestyle.

Most renovation projects are easier to get off the mark than a remodel as the changes are typically smaller in nature. Bathroom remodels generally take longer to complete, especially if there are major structural and layout changes to be made.

Why choose AZ Neighbors for quality bathroom improvement projects?

For both remodeling and renovation projects, it is best to rely on professional contracting services to bring about an envy-worthy bathroom. At AZ Neighbor, we specialize in both small and large-scale projects to create dream homes. We are fully committed to delivering outstanding results. Take the first step towards a fashionable functional bathroom; get in touch with us today.

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