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Phoenix Home Renovation Trends 2024

In this post, we’ll take a look at some inspiring Phoenix home renovation trends for 2024 that may give you ideas when considering your own home renovation. Are you looking for fresh and current home renovation ideas to upgrade your home? Here are a few popular home renovation trends in 2024.

Top trends for home renovation in Phoenix in 2024‌

Enhancing aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency through home improvement remains a top focus. Seeking to boost resale value? Findings in the latest edition of Today’s Homeowner’s “ROI of Your Home Remodel” report suggest that you can expect, on average, a 69% boost in return on investment.

Choosing renovation ideas wisely is crucial. Home improvement experts advise opting for on-trend ideas with timeless appeal for long-term value. Transform your starter into a forever home with these 2024 trends.

  • Efficient kitchens

Improving efficiency in a home is key to optimizing the way your home works. The kitchen is the focal point here. When considering efficiency, your first thought may be energy-friendly appliances. This of course is a critical part of an efficient kitchen. So too is space optimization.

Kitchen upgrades such as adding a kitchen island or countertops are excellent practical ways to open up work spaces that can double up as storage spaces.

One of the reasons why home renovation experts and homeowners include efficient kitchens on their list of must-have home improvement grades is that the investment in the project offers immediate practical rewards as well as money-saving benefits down the line. Turning to energy-efficient appliances means a lower carbon footprint which is a bonus for the eco-conscious homeowner.

  • Clever custom storage solutions

Newer materials technologies together with design innovation have opened up a whole new world of possibilities in clever custom storage trends. Two-tier islands, built-in kitchen benches, floating shelves, recessed drawers and pull-out tray/sliding tables to create additional workspace are some of the craftiest custom storage ideas.

Bland cabinetry can be swapped for stylish, clean, cohesive designs that offer an improved visual appeal.

  • Versatile and multi-functional spaces

As our lives become busier and more evolved, we turn to our living spaces to offer flexibility and versatility. Home renovation contractors and design experts are increasingly being asked to find viable ways to adapt spaces to be utilized in various ways. For example, the space under the stairs, sometimes unused or only as a basic storage space, can accommodate a home office or study area.‌ Another popular option involves changing the layout of spaces, sometimes removing walls, in order to combine a dining room, living room or kitchen into one large and open space, a great room. Such a space often includes raising ceilings to enhance how large the room feels and to make it a more comfortable space for the family to spend time in.

Popular materials for home renovation in 2024 in Phoenix

Innovation is a key driving force that paves the way for the introduction of new and more sustainable materials to be used in the home renovation and construction industry. Today’s construction industry demands that materials be sustainable in keeping with the need to be kinder to the environment.

Materials used in modern homes should meet the demands of sustainability and fulfil the requirements of aesthetics and style. For 2024, materials for home renovation cover:

  • Reclaimed wood

Renowned for exuding warmth and timeless appeal, wood is a top choice for homeowners. Its popularity in the construction landscape is due to its versatility and the fact that it is a sustainable material.   

Reclaimed wood can be sourced from the existing home and re-purposed or from other buildings, including warehouses and barns. From paneling to accent walls to furniture and flooring, there is a myriad of ways to create a classic rustic look in a home.

  • Composite materials

Composite materials are favored for the combined strength of characteristics of each material they are made of. Versatility and longevity are two of the biggest advantages composite materials offer in home renovation. Decking and fencing are some of the common applications in which composite materials are used as well as in roofing.

  • Stone

The effects of home renovation projects are expected to last for the long term. This means that the materials used need to be reliable and highly durable. It is for these reasons that stone is high on the list of popular home renovation materials. Stone’s unique natural aesthetics and long-lasting attributes make it suitable for use in the exteriors and interiors of a home. Stone is often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, showers, flooring, and pathways.‌

Simple projects that can make a big impact in a Phoenix home renovation

Updating your home does not require a major overhaul of your living spaces. Homeowners are finding that simple mini-makeovers can significantly improve the style and function of a space. The idea here is to look at those upgrades that have a high impact but at a low cost.

Here are a few simple projects for budget-conscious homeowners to consider.

  • Target increasing kitchen storage

Increasing storage in a home is a fail-safe home renovation idea – ample storage is a dream in any home, particularly in the kitchen. A small update such as installing open shelves in a corner space can have a remarkable effect on the appearance (clean and clutter-free) and function of the kitchen.

  • Make wooden floors look as good as new

The effects of constant foot traffic, especially on wooden flooring, easily create tired, dull and distressed floors. A simple DIY task (depending on the condition of the wooden flooring) such as polishing wooden floors with a recommended product can restore the warmth of wooden floors.

  • Light up your living spaces

Calling for more light in your home is a smart home renovation idea. Adequate lighting increases safety in a home as well as being a great way to enhance style and aesthetics. Whether you want to make a style statement or just improve light function in a space, lighting products from chandeliers to sconces can be used to great effect.‌

How to ensure a successful renovation project in Phoenix by hiring a general contractor?

There is no equal to the specialized knowledge and experience that general contractors can bring to your home improvement project. Not only can they objectively evaluate the viability of your home renovation idea, they can suggest other cost-effective ways to bring your goals to fruition. In addition to this, the following benefits make using a general contractor worthwhile:

  • Professional quality of workmanship.
  • Experience in home renovations that can result in a much nicer end product for the homeowner.
  • Mistakes are minimized.
  • Doing the job right the first time around.
  • Using suppliers and other professionals in their network can save on cost.

To ensure a happy and stress-free home improvement journey, we recommend that you collaborate with a general contractor. Of course, using a professional and experienced home renovation company makes this process simple and less taxing on your nerves.

Tips on fostering a positive contractor/homeowner relationship include:

  • Communicating your needs and budget.
  • Establish regular communication.
  • Take into consideration their feedback and suggestions.

In our recent blog post, we shared additional tips on how to choose the right general contractor for your project.


What are the biggest concerns or hesitations about adopting new trends?

When it comes to fashionable trends in home renovation, a common concern is the longevity of that trend. The last thing you want is to have a home that looks dated after only a couple of years.

To avoid this, it is best to do your research or consult with a professional designer about which trends you adopt, asking the question “would this trend appeal to future home buyers?”

How can specific trends like sustainable design be incorporated into Phoenix homes?

Sustainable design is all about incorporating environmentally friendly products to create healthy and positive living spaces. Using locally sourced materials together with working with a Phoenix-based general contractor who has professional knowledge of the local climate and landscape will help in ensuring the success of using sustainable design for your home renovation project.

What are some local Phoenix resources for finding affordable renovation materials and contractors?

Finding a reliable general contractor to work with is worth the time and effort. Browsing through professional online databases and directories, reading through customer reviews and viewing past projects are helpful ways to select the best home remodel contractor for your needs. Doing so will allow you to identify one with experience and a deep network of connections and suppliers, making them a valuable resource on how and where to source affordable local materials.

If one of the items on your to-do list for 2024 is upgrading your home, please call us at AZ Neighbor. We are a well-known and experienced company for home renovations in Phoenix Arizona and are often recommended by our clients because of the high quality of our work. Reach out to us to speak to one of our experienced home design professionals to answer your questions.