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Phoenix Zoo

Established in 1962, the Phoenix Zoo stands as the largest privately owned non-profit zoo in the United States. Situated in Phoenix, Arizona, this esteemed zoo was founded by Robert Maytag, a member of the Maytag family, and occupies a sprawling 125 acres (51 ha) of land within the Papago Park area of Phoenix. It proudly holds the designation of a Phoenix Point of Pride.

With a remarkable collection of over 1,400 animals, the zoo offers visitors the opportunity to explore approximately 2.5 miles (4.0 km) of walking trails. It is organized into four distinct themed areas or trails: The Arizona Trail, showcasing the flora and fauna of the American Southwest; the Africa Trail, home to various animals from Africa; the Tropics Trail, housing residents of the lush rainforests; and the Children’s Trail, which includes a delightful petting zoo.

Since its inception, the zoo has been deeply committed to conservation efforts. Shortly after its opening, it played a vital role in hosting what was believed to be the last remaining Arabian oryx, which became the foundation for the world herd established through Operation Oryx, eventually leading to the successful reintroduction of the species into the wild. 

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