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Arizona Capitol Museum

The Arizona Capitol Museum, located in Phoenix, stands as a powerful symbol of the extensive and vibrant history of the state. By offering insights into political, social, cultural, environmental, governmental, and economic aspects, the museum fosters authentic educational experiences that deepen understanding. Through the preservation of invaluable collections, partnerships, and engaging interactions, the museum enriches visitors’ appreciation of this unique region, instilling a sense of pride in our abundant cultural heritage.

Nestled within the iconic space that once served as the last Territorial seat and the first State Capitol of Arizona, the AZCM holds a central position in the Arizona Capitol complex, providing a window into the rich tapestry of political, social, cultural, environmental, governmental, and economic history.

Our mission is to present a comprehensive panorama of Arizona’s evolution, spanning from territorial times to the present day. Through both physical and virtual experiences, the museum showcases artifacts and materials that encompass all facets of Arizona’s diverse heritage. By expanding our merchandise offerings, producing pieces inspired by state-owned collections, and establishing an online museum gift shop, we extend our visibility and reach throughout the state and beyond. Our events, exhibits, and educational programs vividly illustrate how the citizens of Arizona have played a pivotal role in shaping a successful government, redefining the United States, and continuing to shape our society to this day.

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